Simple remote help for clients. Exceptional mobility for you.

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Train and collaborate anywhere 24/7.


If someone needs to see what you are doing, such as on a training session, you can turn off blanking and free up the mouse and keyboard so you can work together. Otherwise, you can blank out the remote computer screen and lock its keyboard and mouse to ensure your privacy and the security of your data when you’re connected to it.

Protect data with top security.


Reassure clients and colleagues that when you connect to their computers remotely, their information is protected from being hacked by others. Screen blanking, encryption and two-factor authentication are just some of the ways ShareConnect keeps their information safe.

Pick your location to print documents.


What good is being able to use your computer remotely if you need to print it remotely too? No worries. Whether you need to print at the office, home or wherever you are located, with ShareConnect remote access, you can pick to print to either the remote location or your current location.

Share your clients’ computers with employees.


Leverage your team to offer clients exceptional service. With ShareConnect, you act as administrator of this access and generate office redundancies so that you handle more clients faster and vacations and sick time by team members will not derail your efficient workflow.

Access as many computers as you need.


Grow your business by connecting to an unlimited number of computers from your office computer or even your mobile devices. With your clients’ permission by email, you can add their computers via ShareConnect to remotely access them even when your clients are away from work. You save time and get things done faster.

Save files securely in the cloud.


Enjoy 5 GB of storage on ShareFile, the secure file sharing and storage solution built for business. Access and archive important documents, images, videos and other files in cloud-based, secure online storage without having to back up or remove documents from your crowded server.

Access shared servers securely from anywhere


Provide employees with secure remote access to shared, so they can view, check-in and check out files and upload new ones with all their existing privileges intact

See everywhere you store files in one place


With Connector, you can see all of the locations you might have storage - your desktop, server and the cloud - all at the same time for a more holistic view of your data storage without having to move a thing

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